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I was hesitant to take a piece for me to try but when I did, it was yummy. It doesn't taste like a medicine so I think its very natural and no artificial.

Also, there are fun games, photo booth, magic show, and good food on the event.

You think you lose all of that if you change something.

It works with provocation, nudity – it’s really out there. That’s what a lot of people want to do, but they can’t because of their job, their family, or their friends. They could do everything, but they’re too afraid to fall out of the whole system of getting money, being secure, having family and friends.

If you held a mirror to the teenage zeitgeist of the twenty first century, Candy Ken’s smiling gold grill would be twinkling right back at you. I really want to work with photographers in London. CANDY KEN: I feel like I’ve always had Candy Ken in me.

Over the weekend, the Berlin-based performer released his first official album, entitled Real Talk, and he did it as his own manager, promoter and record label. But I was not able to express myself until two years ago. I didn’t get my confidence to express Candy on the outside until I moved to Berlin.

With tracks like Fuck Gender, the artist replies to his critics and Internet trolls, who are quick to label his sexual identity, with a swift auto-tuned retort: “Gender rolls are over…new sex is what I am.” And it’s exactly that sex that has garnered the attention of the likes of fashion designer Jeremy Scott and stylist/creative director Nicola Formichetti who last year flew Candy Ken out to Milan for a Diesel campaign after seeing his images on Instagram. Before that, I always had it in myself, but you get pulled down by society.

Formichetti also introduced Candy to Terry Richardson who shot him in the nude at his New York studio. You don’t expect that out of so many celebrities and photographers. He played my music, and he was like, “Oh, Candy Ken is in the house! He could shoot me like I’ve never seen myself before.

The controversial photographer is also the subject of a song on Candy’s new album, about the attention he received from that shoot.

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Vita Cubes is available at all Mercury Drug outlets, SM Supermarkets, Robinson's Supermarkets, Waltermart, Landmark, Puregold, Mini Stop and local grocery stores. The suggested retail price (SRP) for 50g packs is at Php 12 only. However, there is a rule and the rule is, its should be Vita Cubes to ensure that my son will get the right vitamins and nutrients in every candy he takes.

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