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In short, it's a task which motivates you to explore and learn new API. I have created a list of 20 task-based examples to learn this new gem from Java 8. how to represent today's date using Java 8 Date Time library then move forward to create date with time and time zone, exploring how to do more real-world task like for creating a reminder application how to find number of days to important dates e.g.birthday, anniversary, next bill date, next premium date, your credit card expiry etc.Along with lambda expressions, streams, and several minor goodies, Java 8 has also introduced brand new Date and Time API, and in this tutorial, we will learn how to use Java 8 Date Time API with simple how to do task examples.

monthly bills, wedding anniversary, EMI date or yearly insurance premium dates.BTW, If you get a formatted date String in your code, you will have to parse that into a date before checking equality.Just compare this with the older way of comparing dates in Java, you will find it a fresh breeze.See Java 8 in Action to learn more about the difference between Local Date and Talking about real world date time task, one of them is to checking whether two dates are same or not.Many times you would like to check whether today is that special day, your birthday, anniversary or a trading holiday or not.

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