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We close by itemizing some questions that, given this new set of research materials, may be worth asking. 7(2), doi:10.5964/ijpr.v7i2.121 Received: 2013-05-05. One of the most cited series of experiments in social and evolutionary psychology are those conducted by Clark and Hatfield (1989, 2003) and Clark (1990).

In fact, however, the SST is only one of the many evolutionary theories of mate selection. Would men and women be more receptive if the offer were preceded by flirtation and sexy conversation, rather than coming out of the blue? Why do men and women accept/reject casual sexual offers?For example, cultures differ in how critical attractiveness is in mate selection. Are they worried that the confederate may be peculiar, dangerous, or making fun of them? Do cultural and historical factors shape men and willingness to engage in casual sex?The reason for this difference is that cultural preferences are mediated by parasite prevalence (how deadly various parasites are in a culture): People from cultures with high parasite prevalence are more likely to value attractiveness in a mate than are people from cultures with low parasite prevalence (Gangestad & Simpson, 2000). How many people have they approached before the participant? Why haven’t social and evolutionary psychologists conducted more research of this kind?In spite of the popularity (or notoriety) of this classic study, Hatfield (2006) acknowledged that, in and of itself, it had some severe limitations.Theorists have spent a great deal of time and effort speculating about the factors that shape men and women's willingness to engage in casual sex.

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Hypothesis 2: Participants will be differentially responsive to different Types of Requests.

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