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Mostly well educated and a variety of professions involved.

He was KIA on the catwalk of the radar tower where the SP messhall was.

Blue Knights WA IV Biography: THE WEB MASTER: One of our members, Dan Mc Kegney submitted two photographs to be added the the Photo of the Month web page.), the vast majority of classified material was sent through ARFCOS accompanied by an Armed Forces Courier (ARFCO) or, in the case of highly classified stuff (also known as two-man control), two ARFCO's.

If you have already been to that web page this month then please revisit it and look at the two added photographs located on the bottom.

Margaret’s Academy is not so much a school but a way for people to interact, learn, and receive or dole out spankings — or just enjoy the company of others.

Everyone, tops and bottoms, have a part to play (if they choose).

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