Problems with dating a lawyer

When an invitation to a charity speed dating event organised by The London Young Lawyers’ Group (LYLG) and sponsored by recruiters Lipson Lloyd-Jones landed on my desk I jumped at the chance to see if this trainee’s claim was true.

[…] “They sent us 200, 250 e-mails changing things up until the last minute.

Leaving aside the legal issues here and the exhorbitant damages she’s seeking, just try to imagine what it would be like to pledge your lifelong devotion to a woman who would spend K on wedding flowers and email the florist over 200 times with updated requests for getting the arrangements just right.

Is there any man alive who, if he were in the groom’s shoes, wouldn’t feel like an afterthought at a wedding like that?

“If we’re going to do this, we might as well get a little tipsy,” I say.

Drinks in hand, we make our way to the growing crowd of people ready to start speed-dating, all armed with the safety net of it being a charity event – I’m not desperate, just doing my bit for a good cause, etc… ” I say, hoping he doesn’t ask me too many probing questions about my ‘firm’.

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Her sense of entitlement is so bloated no man could possibly keep his dignity and satisfy her at the same time. I’m wishing with my mind that he’ll do to his wife what Chad did to that deaf girl in the movie “In the Company of Men” and then excuse himself from humanity and get run over by a bus.

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