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We are getting very low ICR - started at 0.17, then 0.22 and now 0.35. Usually it is very difficult to get good ICR coefficients with more than 15 or 20 codes. It has be developed for coding large amounts of data by trained coders that use about 10 to 15 codes.These codes are most of the time of an objective nature, and not heuristic codes.In particular, looking for new flavors of potion (stat, augmentation, *healing*, life, etc), ring (damage, speed, power, etc), wands (teleport other, annihilation, other attack spells), staves (banishment, destruction, speed), etc.So with a basic "diving-esque strategy" if you're on a level and you detect a bunch of unknown flavors, it's worth it to try to get to them (whereas if you don't see any items it might not be).(Priests eventually get detection and you eventually find rods of detection but those are much later.) But the rogue gets to do this pretty much whenever. ....checking 3.0.9 doesn't have rods of detect treasure.

it could also mean that the codes we have created do not have 'tight' enough definititions?

I maintain that rogues are weaker than other classes, but its no big deal.

Picking a weak race is more of a handicap than picking rogue.

When I have played rogues recently I have mostly used mana for various kinds of detection, and relied on archery and melee for most fighting.

Thus, having mana tied up for monster/treasure/door/trap detection isn't such a big deal.

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