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However, see your doctor immediately if you experience ­symptoms you’ve never had before, such as coughing up blood.’Here, we talk to the UK’s cough experts to help you work out what’s behind your symptoms . It usually occurs during the day, prompting a coughing fit that lasts around ten minutes.In extreme cases, sufferers experience ­incontinence and even fractured ribs.If your cough lasts for more than eight weeks, he advises ­seeing a GP.‘A chest X-ray should be ­performed to rule out any serious ­underlying ­disease. A stubborn dry cough that comes and goes, but never quite ­disappears.Such coughs used to be ­simply written off as ‘unexplained’.But doctors have recently ­discovered that in some cases the problem is hypersensitivity in the upper ­airways, triggered by a reflux of gas from the stomach.However, not everyone who has gas reflux will develop a cough as a symptom.

‘But persistent coughs can also be caused by viruses and ­infections,’ he says.

‘This gas is like a mist — ­containing air, bits of food and stomach enzymes, which irritate the upper area of the throat,’ explains ­Professor Morice.

Once this hypersensitivity has set in, sufferers will have a coughing fit if anything — such as dust or cold air — touches their throat.

The cough can be ­triggered by talking, laughing, singing or eating particularly dry food. The most likely cause is stomach acid splashing up the ­gullet — this affects about 25 per cent of the adult Western ­population and is known as reflux.

As the lining of the gullet is extremely soft and sensitive, this leads to inflammation, which ­triggers a coughing fit.

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