Online dating 3 day rule

The truth is, it is far better to call sooner but to make shorter calls.This way you slowly but surely integrate yourself into the girl's life, and by ENDING THE CALLS YOURSELF instead of waiting for conversation to dry out, you eliminate any signs of desperation. You don't have to ask her on a date on your first call, you know!

A client of mine had gone on countless, mediocre first dates that never turned into a second. I recruit everywhere—online and offline—to widen our network of potential matches and successfully match people up.

The "three day rule" is a rule to prevent a man from appearing desperate or needy after attaining a girl's phone number that he (just) met.

Following this rule, you are to wait 3 days before calling in order to create suspense and appear non-needy.

As an alternative, we launched a free membership option.

This strategy has proven to be successful as our revenue is projected to grow by 8x this year. With our renewed focus on hiring and training the best matchmakers in the country, we’ve been able to grow and scale our team quickly to meet demand. In fact, Newsweek recently named TDR matchmaker the #3 best job you didn’t know existed. ) We also expanded our age service range to 25-65, with 45-55 becoming our fastest-growing paid member segment. The company is now being led by CEO and co-founder, Talia Goldstein.

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