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fallon added that the new ships would be used for growing britain’s navy while also having export potential for... local Links Enabled=false&utm_source=Feeds&utm_medium=RSS&utm_term=News RSS feed&utm_content=1.1991031&utm_campaign=Chinese survey ships entering Philippine territory: M the demo i saw was entirely multiplayer, but not everyone's ship was the same: i could choose from a mid-size brigantine; a ramming vessel; the sloop-of-war, which is like the sniper of pirate ships with long-range cannons; or the tank ship, the frigate, which is slow but powerful.manila: chinese survey ships have been entering waters recognised by the united nations as philippine territory, manila’s defence secretary said thursday, in a move he described as “very concerning”.delfin lorenzana said the ships were seen last year near benham rise — a philippine territory 250 kilometres (155 miles) off the east coast of the main island of luzon — as well as reed bank in the south china sea, which is claimed by both manila and beijing.“i have ordered the navy that if they see this service ship this year, to start to accost them and drive them away” from benham rise, lorenzana said.“the very concerning thing is they have several service ships plying this area, staying in one area sometimes for a month as if doing nothing. raiding ships is surprisingly well-suited to squad fights, and due to my black flag experience, i knew exactly what i was doing.lpds are warfare ship that helps armed forces to transport troops defence equipment, helicopters and amphibious vehicle into a war zone by sea.each of these four ships will weigh in the range of 30,000 and 40,000 tonnes.would future space admirals favor huge ships, or smaller ones?i tend to think for warfare, large swarms of smaller ships would be better. for the sake of comparison; let us say we are talking about the same total tonnage of hardware; say a battleship or a fleet of 100 smaller ships that collectively weigh the same as the ships have taken some families from the sunny caribbean to much darker places, leaving victims of sexual assault at sea to navigate stormy waters back home.

for example, you now have 100 engines, and 100 armament systems.

today, the serene waters of lake nemi make it a quaint getaway, one that is best known for its peaceful landscapes and the area's delicious wild in ancient roman times, the volcanic lake southeast of rome was the anchor point for emperor caligula's pleasure ships — massive and ornate barges that were rumored to be the sites of wild orgies and other excessive nearly 2,000 years, the sunken remains of caligula's pleasure ships tantalized divers, who launched expeditions to recover them, with little wasn't until 1927, when italian dictator benito mussolini ordered lake nemi drained, that two of the ships began to be fully revealed.

measuring 230 and 240 feet long, the “nemi ships” recovered over the next several years astounded researcher...

once built and deployed, they will be the biggest battle ships to be built in india after the under-construction aircraft carrier ins vikrant.

these warfare ships will enhance india's ability to conduct sea-borne offensives in enemy areas.

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