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If you want a translation that is not currently available, please ask.

Please note that version that are currently in copyright (e.g.

Other Bible APIs available online include: The format is deliberately similar to that provided by the NET Bible web service, to allow existing code to be reused.

There are just two parameters available, both are self-explanatory, passage and version.

Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar."Psalm 1 is just one of hundreds of examples of real differences between the texts of the Authorized King James Version and the multitude of conflicting Vatican versions.

Not all bible versions are the same, nor can they all equally be the inspired, infallible, complete words of God.

THE LORD IS FAITHFUL TO ALL HIS PROMISES AND LOVING TOWARDS ALL HE HAS MADE."Other versions that also include these extra words are the liberal RSV of 1952, followed by the NRSV 1989, ESV, (which places them in brackets, indicating uncertainty), the Message 2002, the new Common English Bible of 2011 and now the Holman Christian Standard Version of 2009.

The service is provided free of charge, and has been available since April 2009 with minimal downtime (although I can’t offer any guarantees of future availability).

But what if you don’t wish to use the ESV, or if your website readers do not speak English?

I have therefore developed an API that will allow easy access to as many different versions and languages as possible.

The whole Bible is available in 54 versions, the New Testament in a further 12, plus 4 editions of the Greek NT, 6 of the Hebrew Old Testament, and 2 of the LXX.

Additionally, a handful of versions have smaller portions available.

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