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Here, after a brief overview of Segre’s scientific contributions, we intend to show the close interaction between teaching and research, in order to bring out the influence of his university courses on his students and to pinpoint the moment when his role as leader began to be acknowledged; and make evident the enthusiasm, the nature of the collective work of his group of researchers, at least up to the early years of the twentieth century.

We also intend to show how his vision of mathematics education—closely linked to his idea of the objectives of mathematics—was transmitted to the future teachers who attended his courses at the We are very grateful to Daniele and Silvano Fuà, for allowing us to access to the unpublished documents in their possession and to the directors and personnel of the various archives we explored, Paola Novaria and Giuliana Maria Borghino Sinleber (Archivio Storico, University of Turin), Manuel Onjugaren (Archives, Losanna), Angharad Gwilym, Kate Hawke, Edd Mustill, (Special Collections and Archives, University of Liverpool), Elena Borgi and Lavinia Iazzetti (Accademia delle Scienze, Turin), Anna Dagnese, Laura Garbolino, Orietta Piccini, Giulia Scarcia, Giuseppe Semeraro, Antonella Taragna (Biblioteca Matematica “Giuseppe Peano”, University of Turin).

A special thanks to Steven and Beverly Kleiman for reading our text.

Our most wholehearted thanks also go to all those who in various ways, have provided their help, Aldo Brigaglia, Ciro Ciliberto, Paola Gario, Judith Goodstein, Thomas Hawkins, Elena Anne Marchisotto, David Rowe, Antonio Salmeri and Norbert Schappacher.

Tanturri ha spedito la sua tesi di // laurea agli Annali di matematica; ha dovuto sospendere di studiare, perché soffriva il // suo sistema nervoso; Severi (quel giovane alto che mi domandava sempre spiegazioni) lavora per la tesi, su certi caratteri delle curve algebriche iperspaziali, e mi pare che finora faccia bene. Note that the archival numbering of the Notebooks does not correspond to the dates indicated in the Notebooks.

Klein Loro aff si è incrociata con una mia che Le ho inviato in quegli stessi giorni. E son contento di sapere che tanto Lei quanto Suo marito si stanno occupando di ricerche matematiche. Only one contains a true title sheet, thus the incipit of each is given here.

A synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement. The treasure is hidden in a place indicated by geographic coordinates; the students, divided into mixed groups (each one consisting of students coming from the three first classes of our school), have to find it by using maps and geolocation equipment.

The project consists of a treasure hunt around the city streets.

, 352) in Italy, Corrado Segre provides a shining example of the role of mentor in the history of mathematics.

His university courses were a veritable forge for future researchers.

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