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The very viewing of their bodies that had been violated seemed to reassert their status as its rightful owner.A chronic anorexic woman – referred to Turk by a therapist – looked at the photographs of her naked body.Turk began her pioneering work by photographing the naked bodies of incest and rape victims.

was “the surprise remedy for Brexit angst” as people were now talking about something else.

The outrage over is an opportunity to literally refocus.

That we now live our lives through camera phones and Instagram filters means the human body has never before been so centre stage.

Concomitantly, it is the cause of so much neurosis. The people in Turk’s photographs had a moment of clarity: the sweet relief of acceptance.

Hart, who works in adult entertainment, does participate in raunchy private camera sessions with her clients.

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But even among the Life Streamers who are adult industry professionals, the majority of their content is safe for work.

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