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I had no idea you even owned something like this." "I don't. Do you know how drunk you would have to get me to wear that? Next I felt my belt being undone with my zipper coming down soon after. She stepped up into my personal space and took my hand. Missy kept me distracted as Tami took my shoes off.

I gave him a pleading look and he finally cracked a smile and sped up. Now this was what I was hoping my weekend would end up like. By the end of the afternoon, we had the outlines of a plan and everyone was assigned things to do. Kendal had snatched my i Pad as soon as she knew what group she was leading. She also explained that for a coach to be able to talk to you, they have to be contacted first. During the week, our plan started to show signs of it working. She suggested different levels of participation; a puppy logo for the people that showed up occasionally, a dog for those that only made it to about half the time, a big dog for those that showed up three-quarters of the time, and a bad ass dog for those that showed up at least ninety-five percent of the time. I liked the idea because everyone that participated would get some kind of recognition. Alan gave us a breakdown on who fell into what category. I also wanted to have everyone wear them to school on the same day, to create a buzz. "No, Cassidy explained to me what would happen if I enabled your insanity," Jim said. "I think there is a story there that you have been holding out on us. My Dad and Tom got nominated to be our project managers, with Coach Hope taking the overall lead. That was why I was going to quarterback camps this summer. Someone was assigned to find out the who, what, when, where and how much for all the different camps. So she created a group list and will send either a text or email and say something like Hi, this is _____. I know he is not your forever guy." I felt my chest tighten. Coach Hope talked to the different coaches of teams about our off-season conditioning program and our academic program. Alan helped us put together a database of everyone involved. Sandy gave us enough for the higher levels that when someone graduated to a new level we could give them a t-shirt. At lunch, the conversation was all about the Valentine's Day Dance. What they didn't know was that Kara was going as my date. "You know what his problem is," Jeff said getting everyone's attention. Girls just don't go for the nice guys." That got stuff thrown at him. "Hey, hey, hey, he has a point." Now stuff was being thrown at me. It's not like you're dating him, and have to keep his secrets." "I think that only applies if they're married," Jim said. "Hey, no problem, I just wanted to get the facts correct," Jim explained. I had a couple of the guys help move furniture in the living room to make room enough for everyone. "Daaad, my bus leaves in 17 minutes." He just grunted at me and grabbed his keys. The bus was only a quarter full so I found a seat and got comfortable. I was curious to see if she really had gotten glow-in-the-dark condoms. Of course she only packed the slacks that made my butt look good. I was sure they would look good with a thong up my ass. I found that riding the bus kind of blows, especially after my first-class airline travels. Tami had one of the stretchy shirts ready to put on me. I pulled the shirt on and grabbed my fancy pants out of my bag and put them on. Granted Wesleyan is coed, but they are watched like hawks. I walked in the room to see almost twenty girls suddenly go quiet. "Don't worry girls, I do bite." Tami whacked me and they giggled. While we were doing that, Mom made cookies for my meeting. Kendal came early so that we could organize the meeting. He explained that Kendal had told him what was going on and he was interested to see what we were doing. By everyone I mean outgoing seniors Kevin and Magic, my seven-on-seven team, Coach and Cassidy Hope, Tom and Tracy Dole, and Kendal, my best friends Jeff, Alan and Gina, plus my Mom and Dad. I sent Tami a text and we logged on to the video chat so she could listen in, live. "Dad, you have to give me ride." He gave me a look. I found the board that showed where my bus was and I ran outside to find it. He gave me a half smile and opened the door for me. I dug through the shirts and they were all the fitted, leaving nothing to the imagination, variety. I had a good time last night." "Me, too." I told her what Angie had done. I figured the next time I would get to see her would be this summer. I grabbed Tami and picked her up and swung her around. Tami grabbed my bag and made me sit down on the bed. Let me see what she sent." She pulled out the tiger thong and she and Missy squealed. Then they had me lift my feet off the floor so she could get them off of me. I guess I could have stopped them, but I was enjoying making out with Missy. "Missy, help me get his shirt off." They had me sit-up and they pulled it over my head. I turned and looked at Missy and she was taking in the scenery while she bit her bottom lip. Most of these girls have been in some kind of boarding school since pre-school.

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"You hit it right on the head Jim, when you said we. Once we do that, we will break each task into a logical plan, and assign people to do them. They make you accountable by making you come to meetings and weighing yourself each week. Knowing that you have to answer for your actions allows you to continue when it gets hard. "It's a secret formula and Tami seems to think it works," I offered.

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