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It would seem that by the end of the revolt it has become almost an official designation. It was not infrequently used within religious groups to denote deviations from the rules and views of certain members of these groups, as well as to designate members of other hostile religious groups.

4–5, Apollonios, the strategos, uses the designation ἀνόσιοι Ἰουδαῖοι in an official communication to the prefect. III, 49–50) the Alexandrians beg Trajan: τοῖς σεαυτοῦ βοηθεῖν καί μὴ τοῖς ἀνοσίοις Ἴουδαίοις συνηγορεῖν. There is nothing specific or unusual about the use of the term ἀνόσιος.

The consequences were very serious, for Velazquez was Governor of Cuba and a man of influence at court.

Yes, in time you can once more make the name Djedu synonymous with glory, wealth, prosperity, and culture.

Governor, you have been tasked with founding a colony in Aegyptus and this site appears to be one of the very best for building a city.

Situated near where the Nile River branches into the Delta, the soil is quite fertile.

Not all the games will be available immediately after the show so please check the game description for the estimated release date.

Most of the games will be available sometime between the end of the show and Christmas.

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The Bellum Gallicum and the Shakespearean play are better known, but Caesar’s partisan account of the Roman civil war culminating in the battle of Pharsalus offers a historical text of perennial interest and relevance.

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