4-h camp middlesex ashby massachusetts

Parcels under this program have their assessment reduced by at least 75%.While beneficial in its own right, Chapter status does not provide permanent protection for land.There are a number of small parcels held by non-profit or charitable organizations such as the Boy Scouts or churches.There are three significant parcels in this category.Chapter 61 provides a reduced assessment for forestlands.The qualifying parcels are assessed at 5% of fair market value.

The town receives 8% of the stumpage value at the time of the sale.Owners may leave the program at will as long as they pay the tax penalties incurred.Ashby can strengthen the Chapter 61 program by allowing uses that would not require the owner to remove the entire parcel from the program in order to gain economic benefit from the land.Timber sales are an important source of income from large parcels and help offset the costs of maintaining the land.Ashby has large forested areas and this program helps preserve them.

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